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PSO2 cosmetics guides/resources for NA? by wfuuopy
[Today at 04:24:40 AM]

Mycareer Has to Be separated from Park/pro'm 2k20 by wfuuopy
[Today at 04:23:30 AM]

What's the best way to make money by wfuuopy
[Today at 04:22:19 AM]

Мобилна интеграция на сайта by Sentinel
[October 24, 2019, 11:47:16 AM]

Redesign of the site by kohai
[October 24, 2019, 11:36:27 AM]

Виц на деня by BobbyImisp
[August 30, 2019, 02:49:36 PM]

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Forum News / PSO2 cosmetics guides/resources for NA?
« Last post by wfuuopy on Today at 04:24:40 AM »
I had been thinking of putting this in the question thread but after a great deal of buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta googling'm not finding much, or not applicable to NA, so I thought if a person is searching like I was, a separate post might help in the future. Character customization is indeed cool in Phantasy Star Online 2 however I'm not sure where to begin. I'm approaching lvl 40 now so maybe I am overly low level (I do not know if level affects ability or resources needed to begin playing dress up) but I was wondering if anybody knows of a guide that compiles information on cosmetics, either through info or pictures or both, or in the event that you could provide any details regarding what currency is required (is it mostly money store, loot drops, or additional in game currencies/tickets etc.. )

For NA, the forum is nice, Fiona's thread in particular. Bumped is excellent, but it is JP focused. If you're OK with this and do not mind some digging here or there (or fashion spoilers), you'll find a good deal of excellent information on published and likely future stuff. I've also been searching for a manual that is cosmetic, but the thing I found so far are also the scratch ticket previews in game along with this website. As currency, you can buy messeta being used by outfits on the participant shop. You can buy the makeup that are extended in the fresh finds shop if you have star stone.

If you'd like to"preview" what the brand new finds store is offering, then this forum thread may be convenient. I know if nobody has it up for sale or if im not looking but im hoping to purchase the bath towel in the spring up romantica scratch, does older things ever come back in scratch? If you are using the search function, spell the name entirely and correctly (eg no missing words/ punctuation). Might just be that nobody is selling them so supply is very limited because they arrived early.AFAIK is not known by anybody. You has been in NA? Can't find it in NA Bumped.

The big thing that I believe supports this theory is the forest creatures on Naverius are into the animals on Ragol. Yetis the Rockbears, Gibbles and Hildebears and related monsters could be evolved from similar families. The wolves share similar patterns between the 2 generations in addition to dimensions and appearance. The rappies are identical. Banshees and the Bansers are an odd exception. Nevertheless, this can be best explained by the fact that although some animals are native to certain environments, it will not ensure they will be evident in most occasions of these environments.

So with all the Bansers and Banshees essentially being equal to forest/tundra lions, it is possible that with the limited exploration range of your adventures around Pioneer 1 that you simply never had a opportunity to encounter them. Before you say"However, rappies can appear in any place in PSO2!" Those rappies would be the exception because there's a capsule you can find in any place saying that rappies transcend time and distance. And pso2 sales these rappies can show up everywhere, for example, woods alongside Nav rappies. Nav rappies themselves may not appear anywhere except the woods.
Общ форум / Mycareer Has to Be separated from Park/pro'm 2k20
« Last post by wfuuopy on Today at 04:23:30 AM »
That is a early wishlist I guess you can say (long detailed article ). If you want to cheap Nba 2k21 Mt conserve mycareer, give this! I have been considering mycareer being exclusively offline for decades really, ever since 2k introduced VC at 2k13. And especially when they inserted archetypes in 2k17. And by offline I don't mean disconnected from the net (however you would be able to access all these features without net, if they follow my routine ). I'm talking about player / and not being linked to the 2k server, when I say offline. For example if server is down it would not matter because this manner can operate without being connected to any host.

Now that I am retired from park/pro am (haven't played in two months). I've been thinking about mycareer more. (I hardly play career nowdays though, too boring and restrictive.) Not a fan of 2k19 tbh. Individuals maintained these manners couldn't be separated. However, while 2k added the ability to upgrade badges am in 2k18 they showed us that mycareer gets the ability to function as its own entity. Park/pro am players need mycareer to update a player. By making mycareer a distinct mode (offline) not only will it give solo players the capacity to create more all around assembles with out harsh cap limitations.

Park/pro am grinders would not feel forced to play career since it gets the most rep. Park/pro am players can choose their construct and update their participant with VC while skipping mycareer all collectively. They'd have their very own online mycourt and exercise facility. Ppl wouldn't be in a position to cheese the system by playing the easiest difficulty to strike high rep. The park/pro am rep system will be exclusive need to be earned in park/rec/pro'm and also to multiplayer. Mycareer offline could make sp (ability points) to upgrade attributes and RP (rep points) to shop in the offline store for clothes, shoes, mycourt products, accessories etc..

This would be. New players, children and disabled players would adore this manner as well, they can play on rookie and don't have to be concerned about feeling made to purchase vc or do not playwith. 2k mycareer vets would eventually feel as if we got back our fashion. Along with the difficulty we perform on the we get. We would have the ability to edit principles like shorten the season, flip off exhaustion etc. (like myleague features.) Mycareer could have A complete story (with skip cutscenes), A replayable pro am/street circuit contrary to cpu (like NBA Live world tour).

That can be obtained at any time. A mycourt that we load like the old days, and a team practice facility. We'd have the ability to make brand bargains. And for the first time since LAST gen we'd be able to change shoes, and animations accessories, OFFLINE. No more having to run across the"area" and watch 60+ additional randoms. We get everything exclusively from the mycareer menu or at our mycourt (edit player, shop, alter clothes etc.. ) Mycareer would have its own street to Buy mt nba 2k21 99 rep system, for example bringing double sp/rp, unlocking the jumpshot founder, free tattoos, shop discounts, new mycourt locations, roster rotation etc..
Новини / What's the best way to make money
« Last post by wfuuopy on Today at 04:22:19 AM »
First off getting your f2p quests done is essential to cheap OSRS gold afterwards gameplay and will even bring up your levels much faster than training. Depending on GP that is how far you have got so far I would say train up your mage so you may do wines of Zammorak. You are able to kill chaos druids beneath the varrock sewer for some herb drops. But mining is a ability. Buying rune packs and visiting varrock magic shops or the Falador will bring benefit once you get about 200-500k. It is the way I got my bond, and then got it again once I lost membership. What you'll do is bring all of your money, nothing else in your stock. You will buy a full inventory of atmosphere run PACKS. By clicking on each and every one open them all up.

Then you'll do the same. Afterwards you repeat till you've used all your gold and then may switch worlds. Take the runes and pay off. The numbers will come out to this: you pay 430 gp for one pack of runes which is 4.3 gp each rune. You'll be selling them for 5-6 gp each. It will return profit When you're receiving volume and you don't require anything other. Very easy and easy and you'll have a bond very quickly. However, before all that surely receive the quests out of the way because they're required to perform any of the major items in P2P.

Wow that is a response! Thanks. I've about 500k right now and I am looking to get a bond after completing quests that are F2P. Would you say selling runes or wines of zamorak is better? Personally if I were to find a membership, also, what would you recommend for me personally? Give me a few minutes to receive a reply. I'm about to catch breakfast lol. BUT since you already have starting money just don't even bother with wine that is zammy as it costs wellness replenish and law runes. Wine is very good for getting the startup money to do other things. do the runes. I'd 500k at a time and the process takes about 30-45 mins I think. You'll earn about 200-250k profit every excursion.

Looks as if you are free to play. A lot of folks have been advocating cutting oak logs due to their cost. That would be a beginning. I think you need lvl 10 or 15 wc. You could telegrab zammy wines but tbh at that level just train whatever you feel like, nothing is gonna cost that much and you'll advance one way or another. If you are aiming to get a bond, then whatever you do it's going to be long and tedious at the minute so personally I wouldn't even consider it yet. I shall recommend base 50's in all combat except prayer before becoming a member. If you plan on it, save for membership. They are, so just banked by methods utilizing the bones up. Also, all f2p quests done. As cash youve had the shop proposal for. Additionally at 55 magical for high alch and 50 array it's possible to go to buy runescape 3 gold safespot and ogress. Alch bank the rest, the rune armor drops. ~ 100k/hr can be netted there by generally.
 Още по-добра прегледност би се постигнала с промени във видимостта. Например анкетите и чата да са видими, само за влезлите потребители, а за гостите да са невидими, защото те така или иначе не могат да взаимодействат с тях. 
Първите две кутиийки, които могат да бъдат скрити или премахнати са, кутийката търсене (намираща се в дясно), защото търсене има още в хедъра. Другия кандидат е кутийката зс вход/профил, тъй като отново се дублира с функции и менюта в хедъра.

Мобилната версия на сайта, подрежда всички елементи в една колона, започвайки с левите елементи, след това централните и накрая десните.
System Messages / Redesign of the site
« Last post by kohai on October 24, 2019, 11:36:27 AM »
After proposal by Bobbyimisp for redesign of the site, we are changing the interface in order to be easier whennused in phones.
Малка промяна може да бъде въведена, основните ни предизвикателства са да запазим сайта удобен и красив и в двата вида режима. Много често, когато се постигне хубав дизайн за браузър, то в мобилната версия не е добър, както и обратната ситуация.
Използвам сайта, най-вече през телефона си и забелязвам, че макар и всички функции и модули да са достъпни, разположението им не е така удобно и красиво, както когато сайта се отвори от компютър.  :'(

Възможно ли е да се направи някаква промяна, за по-лесно използване на интергейса? Благодаря
Общ форум / Re: Виц на деня
« Last post by BobbyImisp on August 30, 2019, 02:49:36 PM »
- Вече втори чувал губиш!
- Който не работи, той не греши!
- Да, ама ти си шофьор на инкасо...
Общ форум / Re: Виц на деня
« Last post by BobbyImisp on August 23, 2019, 10:01:09 AM »
Българин и американец умират и отиват в ада.Дяволът ги пита в кой ад искат да бъдат, в българския или в американския.
Те питат каква е разликата.- Ами разликата - отвръща дяволът - е, че в американския ад изяждаш по 1 кофа лайна на ден,
а в българския по 2.

Американецът, разбира се, иска по-доброто и избира американския, а нашия плюе на всичко чуждо и избира българския.
Срещат се след 1 година и американецът казва:
- Ти, приятелю, направи много лош избор, аз сутрин изяждам по 1 кофа лайна и после съм свободен, а ти се мъчиш с 2.
- Нищо подобно! При нас е българска работа - ту лайна не са докарали, ту кофи няма за всички...

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