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Gallery Name Gallery Description Total Images
Ел. велосипедиЕлектрически велосипеди - electric bike21
Historical MapsHistorical Maps created in artistic style16
Vi Et ArmisGallery for Vi Et Armis Screens and images also from other mods by Vitosha Studio of EUIII1
Imperial StrugglesImperial Struggles is mod created by Jukov, based on Inner Powers and Imperial Rivalries, by Vitosha Studio20
Imperial RivalriesImperial Rivalries is sequence of Inner Powers mod, created by Vitosha Studio4
Inner PowersInner Powers is mod created by Vitosha Studio and based on Phoenix mod. It is first mod adding additional 4th faction to the factions. Additionally there are 3 more faction groups - Western, Oriental and Eastern, with the vanilla Chinese - there are 4. The player can choose between game with factions on or off.2
Phoenix Phoenix was sequence of Steppe Wolf series mods, introducing many small fixes and full compatibility with Europa Universalis III DLCS and Europa Universalis: Rome models.  7
Steppe Wolf Steppe Wolf is one of most commemorated mods for EUIII:Divine Winds. The mod is total overhaul and challenges most of the game engine limitation - enlarged time frame, several times, more countries, replaced world map, many events and decisions. And one of the furiously repressed mods by Paradox Interactive Studio. Vitosha Studio community remembers.15
AirotciVAirotciV(Sunny) - was the first mod by Vitosha Studio(formerly Vitosha Picture Studio), which replaced entirely Europa Universalis map with much more accurate and modern map. Airoctiv actually was the first ever mod for Europa Universalis III:Divine Winds.1
Golden AgeGolden Age is modification for Europa Universalis III: In Nomine, created by Vitosha Studio. It sequence is Golden Age: The Wolves6
Eastern TalesEastern Tales is mod series for Europa Universalis III: In Nomine, created by Vitosha Studio6
The NomadsThe Nomads was the first official mod for Europa Universalis III by Vitosha Studio. It's first Installment came to light in the end of 2008. Then in 2009 and 2010 were released its sequences - Pax Nomadica (Elf and Giant).5
Age of Empires II Bulgarian modAge of Empires II Bulgarian mod was small mod for replacement of buildings in Age of Empires II: the age of kings5
Transport TycoonTransport Tycoon Images, mainly form Bulgarian Building mod13
Abstract PhotographyAbstract Photography Section0
AdministrativeAdministrative Category for icons and other images which will be shown inside Vitosha Studio site11

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