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Vi Et Armis - General Information

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on: January 16, 2019, 04:34:35 PM


Vi Et Armis Beta:

Vi Et Armis:

System Requirements: Europa Universalis III, Version 5.2

Description: Vi Et Armis is sequel to Imperial Rivalries and Inner Powers mods (mods over EU3). The time scope of the game is from 4000 BC  to 2010 AD, where you can rule any country on any continent along your way to global domination. As a sequel the mod is using inherited files from previous mods of Vitosha Studio (starting from Steppe Wolf, Phoenix III, Inner Powers, Imperial Rivalries). This time changes are mainly bug fixes and tune up of the game - many events are tested and changed, as well decisions, countries data and provinces information. Among the most serious new features are the relation between population and production rate and manpower. Another change is the price of trade goods.

Ranking events are changed in structure - now there is event that fires every 2 years, which grades power of the countries. Static modifiers are applying the modifier (which shows what level is the country) to the specific country. This mean that the player could see his country modifier, but can't see other countries ranks. That's when second event is firing - just after the first one - it is applying rank modifier (actually just a picture - token) assigned to the capital province. The first event is fired on every 2 years, so that the player won't be spammed to often with the event, yet the player could trigger the event with decision.

For any bugs that you encounter, please post pictures or write a post, so that we can attended to it.
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