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The Golden Age

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on: January 23, 2019, 12:52:43 PM
The Golden Age

List of changes since The Golden Age:

I. Economical:
1. Trade Bonuses:
a) Trade bonuses when holding Bosphorous
b) Trade bonuses when holding Gibraltar
c) Trade posts on the Silk road
d) System which monitors important resources:
-Rice - new resource
-Corn - new resource
-Naval Supplies
-Oil products.
When some of resources above is not egnough there are severe penantlies, when there are plenty of resources there is bonus.

2. Inflation - in order to simulate inflation because of too huge gold reserves (too much money) there are penantlies from 20 000 dennars above.

II. Military:
1. Military traditon:
а) Military tradition when bugarian country holds province of Fanagoria.
b) Military tradition when nomadic state holds province of Altai

2. Penaltlies related too cavalry/infantry ratios:
Penantlies for too big cavalry:
They are not applied to nomadic states.

Settled civilizations could maintance up to 60 % infantry, 30 % cavalry and 10 % artilery without penantlies.

Nomadic states could maintance up to 30 % infantry, however penantlies are much bigger.

3. Discipline Bonus:
а) Discipline Bonus when holding povince of Sparta.

4. In the mod are included hiden buildings which act as defending bonuses for the province castle. There are very hard terrain, hard terrain and not easy for passing terrains gaiving bonuses to defenders. Also there is one new building - military camp, whch had garnion of 500 soldiers.

III. Religious:
There are several new religions:
-) Coptic Orthodox church
-) Nestorianism
-) Zoroastrianism
-) Australian Pagan Believes
-) American Indians religion
-) Greco Roman Phanteon
-) Egyptian Phanteon
-) Tracian Orpism
-) German Phanteon
-) Celtic Phanteon
-) Slavic Phanteon

IV. Poolitical:
1. Ranking of countries - most heavy elemnts of which are number of provinces, number of soldiers, number of ships, profit, how many center of trades is holding the current country, manpower. There is 9 levels:
а) Miniature Power
b) Minor Power
c) Medium Power
d) Local Power
e) Regional Power
f) Major Power
g) Great Power
h) World Power
i) Giantic Power

2. Prestige Bonuses:
а) Prestige bonus when orthodox country holds Hollywood (Aton)
b) Prestige bonus when non-catholic country holds Vatican
c) Prestige bonus when catholic country holds Vatican
d) Prestige bonus when non-muslim country holds Mecca
f) Prestige bonus when muslim country holds Mecca.
g) Prestige bonus when christian, muslim or jewish country holds Jerusalem

3. Bonuses for Nomadic states:
а) Nomadic countries will get an instant core in provinces which they control . As well they'll get military camp in the province.
b) Nomadic countries will lost their cores and military campes in provinces which they no longer control.
c) Noadic countires will gain + 2 military traiton every month.
d) Nomadic countries will gain +0.5 diplomats each month.
e) Infamity of nomadic countries will reduce each month.

4. Bonuses for Barbarian countries:
а) Barbarian countries will gain instant core and military camp in each provinces which they control.
b) Barbarian countries will lost their cores and military campes in any provinces which they don't control.

V. Technology:
New time frame from - 5AD - 2100 AD

VI. Social changes:
1.Slower rate of grown of population

2.Bonuses for settled own civilizations and chinese countries

VII Map Changes:
1. The Pelopones peninsula is with new coast

2. Island of Cephalonia

3. There are new islands on Croatian coast, Mediterranean near Italian coast, near North African coast and several new islands around Arabian peninsula.

4. About 103 new provinces were added since The Wolves. There are huge changes on Chinese coast, South and Central America and in the Atlantic Ocean.

VIII. Other Changes:
The Wolves 2 (Sendy version) is compatible to 4.1b version of Heir of The Throne.

IX. About 100 new countries since The Wolves.

X. And many more changes, which I can't recall in this very moment.

XI. New look for the map - stand alone version of the mod will include mods which change map appearance:

1. Hand Drawn Maps by strannik - with some changes in the mountains, hills and farms visual appearance. This alter version of HDD is called - Pergament.

2. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum 4 style.

3. Under default look of The Wolves 2 (Sendy version) inspite of vanilla visual style you'll see the alter version of Renaissance mod visual style. As well I've imported from Renaissance history of North and South American tribes, and Japan in period of civil wars (thank you Elryck!).

Special thanks to people in the team:
terry77 for writing rulers of several countries
kala07 for testing the first stages of The Wolves 2 (Sendy version)
impress for joining testing team
Todor Bekirski for joining testing team
Rosen Vidkov Mitrevich - the advisor

and the person without which help I wouldn't keep going on this project - bnick - tester and writer of rulers.

bratignat - myself - leader of the project, design, codding and altering.

Special thanks to Elryck who teached me how to alter the maps, who gave me the permision to takes modules from his own mod.


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