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Eastern Tales: The Hurricane

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on: January 23, 2019, 12:41:53 PM
Eastern Tales: The Hurricane

Eastern Tales: The Hurricane is mod for Europa Universalis III: Heir to the Throne and based on The Golden Age mod. It covers the time period from 5 A.D. to 2100 A.D., but many systems from "The Golden Age" were deleted (balance resource system, trade system). Settled-down system, classification of countries and army size systems remain with several amendments. The mod also includes elements of other mods, including Rising Nations 7, Renaissance 3 and the mini-automation mod.

Main changes since The Golden Age:

a) Vanilla map was reintroduced in the mod. As well you will find Renaissance 3 map, HDM by Strannik, with some amendments and TOT map;
b) Special abilities are added for much of the country groups (different cultures will gain advantages and disadvantages specific only for this culture group);
c) "Trade system" is removed (the event system);
d) "Resource balance system" is removed (the event system);
e) Major events bugs were fixed;
f) Rewritten history of Middle East;
g) Fort system is synchronized with vanilla (garnisson size 1000);
h) New Bulgarian mission was added;
i) Several country names fixed;
j) Flags of 10-15 China countries were fixed;
k) Now building are a lot more balanced. As much military building you have as lower will be your military maintenance;
l) Hordes casus beli were amended not to happen to specific type of governments, but only to Nomadic technology group;
m) About 100 new events and even more fixed;
n) About 30 provinces with fixed history;
o) 6 triggered modifiers fixed;

Main Features:

The settled down system
apply one of the 3 settle statuses: nomadic, barbarian and settled down civilization. The nomadic states gains core immediately (a month after they get the control over the province), but as well they lost cores again for a month. Nomadic states have another big advantage - they can afford to maintain huge cavalry without penalties. However there are penalties if they maintain huge infantry. Here huge means related to other types of armies. Other penalty is slower technological advancement.

Barbarian states as Nomadic gain and lost cores for month. They could maintain huge infantry, but their cavalry units are weaker then Nomadic one. Their technology advancement is a bit faster then the Nomadic one, and are better in trading.

Settled down civilizations - they have weaker cavalry units and huge penalties in case their cavalry is more then 30 % of their hole army. On the other side their economics and trade chance are a lot better. Their technology advancement is in times faster then nomadic and barbarian (except for the land technology penalties).

Classification of the countries is new system the idea for which came from MM forum when it was mentioned that in future version of that mod there will be such system. The first idea for classification where that classification could be synchronized with some imperial system (as HRE), and most powerful countries would be able to form empires. However simulating another parallel empire system wasn't successful. So the classification system define each country in one of 10 levels. Each levels gave certain bonuses and penalties and this feature is synchronized with trading and settled down systems.

Trade Bonuses:

a) Trade bonuses when holding Bosphorus (when hold Constantinopol, Chrysopolis, Galiopoli and Biga);
b) Trade bonuses when holding Gibraltar (when hold Gibraltar and Tangeries);
c) Trade posts on the Silk road;

Inflation in order to simulate inflation because of too huge gold reserves (too much money) there are penalties from 20 000 dennars above.

Military tradition:

а) Military tradition when Bulgarian country holds province of Fanagoria;
b) Military tradition when nomadic state holds province of Altai;
c) Penalties related to cavalry/infantry ratios:

Penalties for too big cavalry: 90-100% 80-90% 70-80% 60-70% 50-60% 40-50% 30-50% They are not applied to nomadic states.
Settled civilizations could maintenance up to 60 % infantry, 30 % cavalry and 10 % artillery without penalties.
Nomadic states could maintenance up to 30 % infantry, however penalties are much bigger.

Discipline Bonus:

a) Discipline bonus when holding province of Sparta.

In the mod are included hidden buildings which act as defending bonuses for the province castle. There are very hard terrain, hard terrain and not easy for passing terrains giving bonuses to defenders. Also there is one new building - military camp, which had garnisson of 1000 soldiers.

As well from now on some of military buildings as realignment camp, forts, weapon manufactory and horse stable would decrease military maintenance with very small levels. So if you build in your great empire many of these buildings then you will start to fill the difference. Otherwise if you are not going to develop your state it will be expensive for you to maintain bigger army.


There are several new religions:
a) Coptic Orthodox church;
b) Nestorianism;
c) Zoroastrianism;
d) Australian Pagan Believes;
e) American Indians religion;
f) Greco-Roman Pantheon;
g) Egyptian Pantheon;
h) Thracian Orphism;
i) German Pantheon;
j) Celtic Pantheon;
k) Slavic Pantheon;

Ranking of countries

Most heavy elements which are influencing the classification are: number of provinces, number of soldiers, number of ships, profit, how many center of trades is holding the current country, manpower. There are 9 levels:

Gnome State
Minor State
Medium State
Local Power
Medium Power
Major Power
Great Power
World Power
Giantic Power

Prestige Bonuses

а) Prestige bonus when orthodox country holds Hollywood (Aton);
b) Prestige bonus when non-catholic country holds Vatican;
c) Prestige bonus when catholic country holds Vatican;
d) Prestige bonus when non muslim country holds Mecca;
f) Prestige bonus when muslim country holds Mecca;
g) Prestige bonus when christian, muslim or jewish country holds Jerusalem;

Bonuses for Nomadic states:

а) Nomadic countries will get an instant core in provinces which they control . As well they'll get military camp in the province;
b) Nomadic countries will lost their cores and military camps in provinces which they no longer control;
c) Nomadic countries will gain + 2 military tradition each month;
d) Nomadic countries will gain +0.5 diplomats each month;
e) Infamity of nomadic countries will reduce each month;

Bonuses for Barbarian countries:

а) Barbarian countries will gain instant core and military camp in each provinces which they control;
b) Barbarian countries will lost their cores and military campes in any provinces which they don't control;

Time frame from - 5 AD - 2100 AD

Social changes:
a) Slower rate of grown of population;
b) Bonuses for settled down civilizations and Chinese countries;

Other Changes:

"Eastern Tales: The Hurricane" is compatible to 4.1b version of Heir to The Throne (from December).

Look of the map:
Hand Drawn Maps by strannik - with some changes in the mountains, hills and farms visual appearance. This alter version of HDD is called - Pergament.
Theatrum Orbis Terrarum 4 style.
Alter version of Renaissance 3 mod visual style. As well I've imported from Renaissance 3 history of North and South American tribes, and Japan in period of civil wars.


* bratignat

* Todor Bekirski- Toso

* Paradoxfan Turkish Team


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