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Vitosha studio history

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on: January 21, 2019, 05:23:03 PM
There is news article on the main page of the site, about the 10 year anniversery of the community. I' part of the community since 8 years, but I recall the time when we had wiki page and under the brief description of every mod, there were a little bit of history about it and about the modders. That is why I' starting this initiative to record the history of our uncommercial community - there are not many such organization being able to commemorate their 10 year birthday. So tampliers and masons....unite :D

2004 - after many mountain trips in Vitosha Dr.Quin (now bratignat/kohai), Machok and yYy created the idea for website hosting all of the pictures form their trips. Static page with 1-3 megapixel images is created;
2005 - Machok and Dr.Quin - are inspired by Transport Tycoon Deluxe to create their own mod - they started the research for 3D drawing and codding;
2006.October - despite the lack of experience Bulgarian Building mod for Transport Tycoon is released - while being small mod it is warmly wellcomed into the Transport Tycoon Web Ring community;
2007 - Research on the posibilities to mod Age of Empires II is started, with the aim for Bulgaria to be introduced as playable nation. Several building models are created: castle (styled after catle of Bulgarian tzars in Tarnovo), barracks, stone wall, stable  and church;
2008 - after technical malfunctions of bratignat hdd the mod for Age of Empires II is lost, only some pictures of the models are available in internet. The idea for Portal focused on modding, photography and creation as process is born;
2008.01.26 - The first version of Vitosha Picture Studio portal with vitosha.co.nr as domain is created. The website is based on script PhpNuke, with dynamical database and modern for that time look and interface. The site is based on free hosting service with serious limitation of the traffic;
2008.10.1 - Research for modding of Europa Universalis III is started, as EU III had missrepresented many hisotrical regions, among which were Balkans as well;
2009.5.1 - First release of The Nomads by Bratignat;
2009.7.1 - The Nomads official release on Vitosha Studio website. First version of the mod is heavy, yet it is first time when mod is extending the game time frame from 700AD to 1813AD;
2009.8.1 - Machok i awarded photo award for picture taken while on Vitosha trip;
2009.10.29 - The Nomads is uploaded in torrent tracker by annonimous fan, the mod is spread around the world;
2009.11.1 - Vitosha Picture Studio website is closed down because of reached traffic limits;
2009.12.1 - The site is again online;
2010.1.15 - Paradox Studio sent angry letter to Vitosha Studio concerning copyright allegations. The issue is settled same day;
2010.1.17 - Sequence of The Nomads - Pax Nomadica is released with heavy and light version of the mod. Vitosha Studio site is again down, because of the unexpected interests. New members joinned the community:
- Michael;
- Bnick - history advisor;
- Toso - tester;
- Donko Dimov - historical maps;
For first time on the loadingscreens tips and quotes are shown, later Paradox Studio will reuse this idea, "orgetting "o mention from where they borrowed it;
2010.7.15 - The Golden Age is released, mod extending the time frame from 11AD to 2000AD;
2010.10.26 - Vitosha Studio started negociations with Paradox Fan - turkish fan page, whcih will later advice the modders on the Turkish point of view about Asior Minnor and Balkans history (making any allegation of overpowered Bulgaria funny);
2010.12.15 - Day after the release of Europa Universalis III: Divine WInds, the first mod for it is released by Vitosha Studio - Eastern Tales (later Steppe Wolf). The mod is using heavily altered Victoria II map as base. With the new map and extended timeframe of the game, Eastern tales made Victoria II, HOI II and EU:Rome obsolate;
2010.12.22 - Eastern Tales is uploaded on torrent tracker by annonimous fan;
2011.4.12 - Angry letter from Vitosha Studio toward Paradox Studio. On Paradox wiki page, Vitosha is described as pirat studio. First obvious sign for ill will is demonstrated by Paradox Studio;
2011.3.3 - Vitosha Studio released the first version of Airoctiv, with polished new map, tests for creation of map with navigable rivers is started;
2012.8.10 - Steppe Wolf mod is released, with updated and much more realistic map (later used in other mods). The map is used for base of the navigable rivers. First attampts for creation of Suez and Panama cannels, but unsuccessful one. The units are changed in order Steppe Wolf to be compatible with the new DLCs.
New members joins modding community:
- Tervel Chichkov - dynasty history;
- Petar Galev - dynasty history;
- Dadako´┐Żlu - Ottoman history;
- GrossMurpel - test of the events;
- Scocou - tester;
- Theoden - main tester;
- Michael - some decisions;
- Jukov - some events;
- ChippoTheHippo - USA Leaders name and province of Laredo;
- 17Blue17 - Tester and main bug advisor;
- fink1308 - history of 173 provinces, several modifiers, edited history of Ilkhanate;
- eatssteak3 - localisations;
- Samip15 - first alternative mod based on Vitosha mod;
- fano - bug hunter;
- brunex - bug hunter;
- Bruno Bernardo - fix of the new buildings;
- Kristal - Tester, later modder;
- Skip - Tester, later modder;
2012.4.26 Finally Vitosha Studio name is cleared from fallse alligations for piracy on the Paradox wiki page...only a year was needed;
2012.2.1- More then 500 000 downloads of Vitosha mods;
2012.2.16 - First test modifications with navigable rivers ;
2012.3.13 - Vitosha Studio requests permission to use 3D models from Victoria II, EU:Rome and HOI II in their mods, they are declined;
2012.7.1- First flood attacks toward Vitosha Studio website;
2012.8.4 - Vitosha Studio is with new website, based on Joomla script, later is found out it is lessed secured then Php Nuke script. The name of the community si changed from Vitosha Pictures Studio to Vitosha Studio;
2013.6.7 - Phoenix mod is released by Vitosha Studio - the mod used upgraded map, units and events, but was based on the previous mods.
2013.7.1 - More then 1 000 000 downloads;
2013.8.1 - More flood attacks and Mysql injection;
2013.9.1 - Vitosha Studio site is closed down, because of the attacks, despite this there are more then 1 500 000 downloads of its mods, Steppe Wolf is most popular EU III mod;
2013.10.1 -  Vitosha Studio websie converts back to PHP Nuke script, due to its better security. The flood attacks continues;
2013.11.8 - The mods have more then 2 000 000 downloads;
2013.12.14 - The mods have more then 3 000 000 downloads, new record is set. More problems between Vitosha and Paradox - Paradox Studio suddenly forbids bratignat(Dr.Quin) and Vitosha mod topics any links. Such prohibition is executed only toward Vitosha mods;
2014.3.16 - Massive flood atatcks toward Vitosha Studio website - the tracks of the attacks is lost somewhere in Sweden;
2014.8.26 - Imperial Rivalries is released;
2014.8.27 - Imperial Struggles mod created by Jukov and based on Imperial Rivalries is released by him on sourceforge;
2015.3.4 -  Massive troll attack on https://www.reddit.com against Vitosha Studio mods. General post about bugginess of the mods, yet only 4 speccific posts. Vitosha Studio fame is hugely tarnished ammong Paradoxplaza site, because of those topics;
2015.10.3 - New reddit troll campaign against Vitosha Mods. Vitosha Studio creates article, answering the speciffic posts, no answer from the trolls, no one of them joins the community bug topic;
2015.10.15 - Vitosha accuires vitosha.one domain name and the website is now on paid hosting. The flood attacks t harm the site anymore;
2015.11.06. Inner Powers is released after which Jukov announce that he will create his own mods based on Vitosha mods, because of his discord with Paradox Studio attitude. He created Jukov Labs, but continued his collaboration with Vitosha. Inner Powers intorduced factions for every country, with 4 groups instead of 3;
2015.12.11 - Mods are downloaded ore then 4 000 000 times in sourceforge, mediafile, gamefront, clouds and Vitosha servers;
2016.12.19 - First version of Vi Et Armis is released;
2017.03.07 - Second version of Vi Et Armis is released;
2019.1.15 - new site is created for Vitosha Studio, with new style and structure;

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Reply #1 on: January 23, 2019, 09:25:48 AM
I would prefer some parts of the history excluded - like close down of the site, as the main focus in my opinion in this community is independent  force of people creative nature. Some time against all odds, we still create something new and beautiful.


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