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Inner Powers - General Information

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on: January 17, 2019, 02:04:52 PM
Inner Powers - General Information

Inner Powers is a historical mod for Europa Universalis III: Divine Winds 5.2 which extends the time line from 11 AD to 2010 AD and changing the game experience in a great scale. It adds many new decisions, events, missions, adding new buildings, world wonders and also extending influence of faction system over all countries in game. The map is completely redrawn with several alterations in more then 5 sequel mods, letting the player experience adventures in more then 2400 land and 800 sea provinces, with no permanent terra incognita. There are many new countries, cultures and religions which will allow you to experience world domination with almost any country. Inner Powers mod is using all the features from its predecessors - Phoenix III.

Inner Powers - Keep your friends close but your enemies closer
Almost everyone is eager to dive into political and military games, to seize historical centers and cement his position by political agreements. But when it comes to internal affairs typically the ruler either focus on provincial buildings, either on looking and waiting for new political events, in order to escape boring game experience.

Download mod here:

With Inner Powers you will have to fight with inner factions for your ruler power. There will be four factions which will support or reduce your powers. There are 4 different culture types of factions and groups for each ones:
I Christian Factions Group:
* Clergy Faction
* Peasants Faction;
* Great Nobility Faction;
* Small Nobility Faction;
II Muslim Factions Group:
* Hodjas Faction;
* Traders Faction;
* Sipahi Faction;
* Harem Faction;
III Nomadic Factions Group:
* Shaman Faction;
* Shepherds Faction;
* War Lords Faction;
* Elderly Council Faction;
IV Chinese Factions Group:
* Enuchs Faction;
* Temples Faction;
* Bureaucrats Faction;
* Foreigners Faction;
Depending on the size of the country rulers will have ability to influence those factions, which will cost according your resources.

There are several new decisions, which allow player transform his country.
List with the new decisions in the game:
* Form Holland;
* Form Belgium;
* Form France;
* Form France (by French duchy);
* Form Aragon;
* Form Castilie;
* Form Galicia;
* Form Leon;
* Form Picts;
* Form Scotland;
* Form Wales;
* Form Medieval Ireland;
* Form Norway;
* Form Sweden;
* Form Montenegro;
* Form Medieval Serbia;
* Form Serbia;
* Edited Sardinia-Piedmont Decision;

More Advisors
One of most neglected part of the game were advisors. Now there are 56 new advisors.

Wonder of the worlds
Wonders from Phoenix III are changed into unique buildings, which are still very expensive and slow for construction, but now you can build only one per country.The vanilla unique buildings are transformed into provincial decisions.

Country colors changes
There are so many countries that it is hard to assign them different colors.
So the most problematic countries are now with fixed colors:
* Hungary;
* Ordovices;
* Bulgaria;
* Dacians;
* Sakas;
* Old Teutons;
* Nicea;
* Latin Empire;
* Siraces;
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